Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween - Before

This is the third Halloween in our house, and each year I am faced with the task of buying the right amount of candy to hand out. The first year, Steve dressed as a mad scientist with a lab coat, crazy hair, goggles, gloves and a cauldron of bubbling potion (thanks to some dry ice he brought home from work). The scene drew throngs of witches and Darth Vaders, so we ran out of candy around 7pm. I raced to the store for another two bags and returned within 8 minutes, but we only got about 10 more trick-or-treaters that evening. Steve and I were not about to let that candy go to waste, so we ate it over the next four days. (I sense Dr. Atkins rolling over in his grave). I don't remember how much we bought or gave out last year. That was AnneMade Jewelry's first fall season and I remember being pretty swamped. This year we are starting out with 3 bags (52 pieces), not counting the sample of each kind I ate for the sake of the children; I wouldn't want to hand out poisoned candy. It is 70 degrees with almost no chance of rain, so I'm thinking this will be the biggest crowd yet. I have a bag of spider rings and some Craisins if I get desperate.

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