Monday, July 24, 2006


An update for a previous post... The A/C guy finally came out and fixed what apparently was an unlevel reservoir. The water would leak out before getting pumped out, and since then it's been dry. Yay! That is probably the only level thing in our house now. (Our place is over 140 years old, so the words "level" and "plumb" are relative).

I went to a wholesale gem show over the weekend with Connie (owner of Sparkles) and saw for the first time in person a stone called larimar. It is only found in a remote part of the Dominican Republic and, fittingly, is the color of the water in the Carribbean. I didn't get any this time because I'm trying to "think fall," but I did buy some amber from a Russian, matte finish (another first) jade from an Afghani, and pearls from a Chinese-American.

I'm working on adding the September calendar to my classes page, and putting together a class sample board to keep at the shop.

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