Monday, September 04, 2006

The rest...

Yesterday morning was rainy when we went down to breakfast, but many things in Gothenburg are closed on Sundays so we decided to stick to our original plan: We rode the tram (light rail) to the coast, then got on a ferry and rode through the southern archipelago. The ferry dropped us off on one of the inhabited islands for about an hour, so we romped around the cottages and had coffee at a cafe by the marina before heading back to the city. It was incredibly windy, but the only rain we had was during our ride home. I think this was my favorite thing yet. Dinner was with Steve and his colleagues. We were the only people in the restaurant, and in general there weren't many people walking around town. People seem to stay home on Sundays.

Monday Steve was at the office, meeting with the Swedes, so I'm on my own. I walked to Haga, an artists' community, but I think they take Monday off so I didn't find much. So then I walked back through the park and past the the Fiskekorken ("fish church" - pictured), which was built for the fish market with Gothic arches for interior openness, hence the nickname. Then I went shopping along the avenyn until I got tired of ducking into stores and cafes to avoid the rain. Did some website work (check out the new jewelry!) and then caught up with Steve & Co. for dinner at an Indian restaurant - so good and remarkably inexpensive.

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