Thursday, September 21, 2006

Southern comfort

After letting the salt ham soak for a couple days and then baking it for 6 hours, I split it up into more manageable size packages to freeze and give away. I didn't realize how much work was involved! My friends are like, "enough about the ham already," but since Steve wasn't here to observe me cooking dinner with two side dishes, I had to post a picture. I loved the saltiness of the ham & green beans contrasting with the sweetness of the creamed corn & honey mustard on the biscuits.

Sometimes I just get more creative when I'm by myself, and Steve would rather I stick to "normal food" anyway which is why I don't usually get excited about sides. Here's another dinner he missed: toast pizzas. One is the last of this season's cherry tomatoes with pesto and the other is chicken, kalamatas, and Artichoke Antipasto from Trader Joe's.

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