Saturday, September 09, 2006

They're back

Something I noticed in Sweden was that lots of gals were wearing tapered pants and leggings like those that were popular in the '80s. "Ha! That will never make it in the States again," I thought. Then I saw this page in a fall fashion preview. I am not excited about this at all because it's just not flattering. Another section talked about the return of the vest. Pretty soon we'll be wearing baggy sweaters over them. Or maybe they just won't catch on, kinda like Old Navy's Bermuda shorts last spring (despite the catchy song).

I'm not the only one who feels this way. From Heather's (Dooce's) review of the VMAs:
There is only one significant thing that I took away from the show, and that is how profoundly scared I am of the dramatic and tragic turn fashion has suddenly taken. From Kanye West's white tapered pants to Paris Hilton's black Grandpa ankle boots, fashion is trying to pull the 80's out of its very deep grave. I'd recently been to a local clothing store and noticed the skinny pants and leggings and cropped fishnet sweaters, and I had chosen not to believe that it was happening. But you can't ignore it when it is trotted out on a New York stage and flaunted as if it were perfectly okay (it isn't! it isn't okay!). What's so sad is that MTV couldn't instead bring back the spark and relevance that it had during that decade, that period of my life when I couldn't change the channel because I always wanted to see the next video. Now I'd much rather watch re-runs of Quincy while massaging my bunions.

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