Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome, Livi Girl

My friends from college, Valerie & Casey and their sweet baby Charlie (pictured), came for a quick visit last week. I miss the old days when we'd get together with them and our other college pals and the guys would go golfing and the girls would sit and knit and talk about decorating. Now we live farther apart and there are little ones running around. (sigh)

Val just started a blog. Her boys take a lot of time and attention, but she resists the idea of having a mom blog and says, "I'm going to use my blog to explore other areas of my life and prove to all my childless friends that there is life after kids." She really is just as fun and interesting now as she was "back then" and I am so thankful. Val, if and when we have kids you can take credit for convincing us. Can I be part of your Book Club Gone Wild?

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