Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sweet home

Alabama. I'm here to hang out with my friend Becky who I dearly miss (she lived in Delaware for a few years until moving back to her home state in June). I was in Alabama for a few days one summer during college to visit my highschool friend Melanie, but I don't remember much except that was the only time I've successfully been water skiing (at Smith Lake). The other times I just chickened out. Oh, and I went to my first and only college party, like with drinking and stuff. My college had a dry campus, but when in Tuscaloosa... That was the summer Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine was on the radio a lot and the party hosts were making their own on the balcony. I think I had some Boone's Farm Fuzzy Navel.

Steve has been traveling for work and we talk whenever we can, so I called him after I finished my dinner at the airport and he was also eating dinner at the airport. Only he hadn't finished yet, so he offered to call me back. I was ready to board, so I told him I'd just catch up with him another time. When I turned on my phone after the flight he had left a message saying that in case something bad happened, he didn't want his last words to me to be, "I'm going to go so my burger doesn't get cold."

Becky wanted to have a jewelry party while I'm visiting. It's one thing to pack up all the jewelry and displays in my trunk and drive to another state for a trunk show, but it's another thing alltogether to pack those things into suitcases to carry all at once. I grew up in a pilot family and we flew standby a lot, which means you pack light and carry your bags on because there may not be a seat available. So I was horrified to see how much luggage I was bringing on this trip. I finally packed like a girl.

My flight down here was pretty long because we were on a CRJ, but really fun because the flight attendant was hilarious. Good thing, because the USAir baggage mishandlers in Philadelphia were at it again, so at least I was in a good mood before finding out my clothes were not on our flight. At least I have the jewelry.

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