Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

Steve and I were in Virginia with my parents for Christmas. Hope your weekend was relaxing and yummy like ours. It was so great to be home for the holidays.

This morning I hit Target to get 50% off Christmas stuff. I heard on the radio that girls shop on the 26th for stuff for next Christmas, and guys shop to get stuff for people they forgot.

A few years ago my dad flipped the house across the street, and the people who bought it are WAY into Christmas decorating. We're talking glow in the sky over their neighborhood, and 8-track Christmas music being piped out late into the night. They especially liked the corner lot so they could have the choir and nativity on one side and the Santas and snowmen on the other. Plus there's a huge garage with vaulted ceiling to store all their decorations. So, kids, when you flip houses try not to pick the one that you have to look at (and listen to) once it's sold. My parents do like their neighbors, but all that stuff would drive me crazy.

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