Saturday, January 06, 2007

More cleanout

Taking advantage of the warm weather, I finally did my fall raking on Thursday and pruned the shrubberies. (That link was put there for my mother). Yesterday we had rain and fog and I was inspired to take a series of pictures at the park after being summoned by the foghorns on the river. It was so pea-soupy I could not even see the end of the pier. Today Steve and I tackled the basement and are ready for the Cancer Federation pickup & garbage men. Steve looked rather manly carrying boxes of my junk with his leather work gloves. I want to keep everything and he wants to throw everything away, so I think we balance each other out.

Then we shed a layer and sat on the steps in the intense sunshine to have a break. The weather today was better than most days on our cruise in the Western Carribbean a few years ago this week. I would say this is a January Thaw, but we're nowhere near the 25th and technically the ground never froze. In fact I'm seeing buds on everything and my bulbs are getting curious. I bet they're gonna get it in February.