Thursday, January 18, 2007

On the move (almost)

Okay, okay. I've been quiet because I've been busy. And here's why: we're moving. That's the nutshell version. Here's the detail...

After grad school my husband got a job in Delaware. Then he changed jobs last year, working from home when he's not traveling. It is wonderful and flexible, and around Thanksgiving it struck me that now we could live anywhere near an airport and I got this big yearning to be back home. After giving it lots of thought and clearing it with his main office, Steve agreed around Christmastime for us to move to Virginia. This was a huge gift for him to give me; he is from New York and doesn't know many people in Winchester. I wasn't in a major hurry to move, but Steve's boss indicated that he might want him to work from the main office (near BWI) in a couple years. No promises, but it made us realize we have a limited window of opportunity. We met with our listing agent at the beginning of January and have been getting our house ready to put on the market. Not sure yet when we're moving; depends on when the house sells.

So yeah, all the posts in January dealing with cleaning up and cleaning out were because we're staging the house. I like to watch Designed to Sell to get pumped up before tackling projects. The house looks really good!

The hardest part of this whole thing has been telling our Delaware friends and the gals at Sparkles Bead Shop who have let me teach there. Everyone has been very supportive and we are so blessed to have this Delaware family.

On another sad note, my mom's dog Amber died this week. My brother says now Mom should take Dad for walks. :)