Friday, March 16, 2007

Thanks, Debora

My friend Debora is the person who suggested 3 years ago this month that I sell the jewelry I was making. She had a party at her house that summer and also set me up with my first wholesale account (Arabella - moving soon to Creekside in Winchester, VA). Debora has a great sense of style and has been sort of a mentor to me ever since she lived across the street from my parents. I credit/blame her for the idea of us moving to Virginia (this photo was taken at that football game when she asked when we were going to move here). She & Dave brought us dinner on Move-In Day, and has declared that we are going to be their next pinochle partners. She & I walked through the house to figure out where to put the furniture and decide which wall colors are really going to bug me. But, before let me see her paint swatch book she looked at me straight out and said, "You have GOT to unpack first." Unpacking is even less fun for me than packing was, and she's got me pegged.