Sunday, May 20, 2007

Viking + Squiggle Bead

A lot of people have asked how AnneMade Jewelry has been affected by the recent move from Delaware to Virginia. In short, I am no longer teaching 4 classes a week so I have a lot more time and energy to do other things. A lot of my jewelry orders are via the website or email, so that part is unchanged, as are my wholesale accounts. So, aside from my addiction to buying furniture on CraigsList, I have been working some new jewelry here and there as my muse leads. Here is my latest piece, a handwoven (viking knit) front with a PMC slider bead. My goal was to make something that would go with everything, yet be creative enough to be obviously handmade. Still needs to be oxidized to bring out the detail, but I wanted to get a picture up before I forgot.