Saturday, June 23, 2007

Studio Swap

Before we moved here I designated a purpose for each room. My studio was to be in the basement bedroom so I could contain the mess and wouldn't have to bother Steve when I'm hammering. I did my best at assigning rooms, considering that we saw the house only once before the movers were at our house after closing (click for saga). So after moving in I quickly realized my studio is cold, dark, and small. I never even unpacked all my stuff, rarely felt like making jewelry, and often took my computer to happier spots (like "Cheryl's room") in order to avoid the basement. And once we had the movers bring all our stuff into the designated rooms, I wasn't about to change the rooms around. I had made a decision and was sticking to it. This photo is how it looks in the middle of the day. I could bring in more lamps, but it's still cold and cramped.

Are you tired of me complaining about it yet? Did I mention I could see cherry blossoms and clouds from my bright old studio? Sigh.

So anyway yesterday Steve and I spent the day at home (for once!) working around the house and yard. He mowed. I weeded. We moved the old sofas down to the TV room to make room for the new sofas (and so we don't have to sit on the floor to watch TV). I put the new knobs on the kitchen cabinets. We ate dinner with my mom (Dad's visiting my brother). We relaxed outside and played with Riley in the wonderful lack of humidity.

And I finally decided that the room assignment was a mistake and (as much work as it will be) we are going to move my studio above ground. Steve is really supportive, probably because he's tired of me complaining. We started by moving the virtually unused guest bed to the small, virtually unused spare room, clearing the bigger room (with 2 windows!) for my studio. When I walked in the empty room I actually got choked up with relief and excitement. I'll post photos when I get everything in there because it will probably be the last time it is clean.