Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cabin in the woods

After one last ride on the lake last Sunday (see post below for photos) we loaded up the kayaks and headed south for the next leg of our trip: The Cabin in Carolina.

My parents had been there for two weeks and were on their way home that day, so we compared mile markers via cell phone and met up for lunch. When we got to the cabin we unpacked and went to Waffle House for dinner (tradition for the first night) and bought groceries. I love going to the store here because the local accent is so thick!

We spent Monday just reading and relaxing. On Tuesday we'd reached our unplugged limit (4 days) so we took off for Well-Bread Bakery in Weaverville (NC) to check our email and have lunch. One of my favorite galleries with jewelry is Miya, right down the block from Well-Bread, so I stopped in to talk shop and get some inspiration. After that we checked out the shops of Burnsville, a little town between the cabin and Mount Mitchell. I finally found some Cavallini folders (birds of course) that I had seen in a magazine, and after plenty of coffee and window-shopping we headed home to take naps and listen to the rain. After a month of hot drought at home I was loving the cool, wet weather we had all week.

Our friends Valerie and Casey came for a visit from Charlotte on Wednesday with their two adorable boys, Coulson and Charlie, and Chester the dog. Riley and Chester swam in the pond, the guys kayaked and fished, the girls split a piece of The Best Chocolate Cake (from Well-Bread), and then we all took a hike and made s’mores in the fireplace.

On Wednesday night our friends Josh & Jill arrived, and we spent the rest of the week resting, reading, watching the fire, and hanging out in Asheville (Bele Chere). They even cooked dinner for us. (See Josh's halo?) Our last stop was Sonic where Riley got a frosty treat.

We had a great time on vacation!