Friday, August 17, 2007

Hair jewelry

I was killing time in CVS yesterday, browsing through lip gloss and school supplies. (Would it be cliché to say I am enamored with school supplies? Yes? Okay then, I won't.)

My hair is longer than it's ever been, mostly because I haven't bothered to get it cut. For a year and a half. And it's curly, which means I'm always looking for new ways to tame the fro. My first choice, being the easiest, is to put it up in some sort of barrette, and I noticed today that there is a new movement to hide the springs on butterfly clips. This one jumped out at me because I've seen Japanese beadweaving patterns for rings just like this. What a great way to dress up the "tortoiseshell" scunci clips.

I also got this one, which reminds me of my mosaic pendants.