Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peach Festival

Yesterday Steve and my dad went to the Orioles game, so Mom and I went to a local farm market for peach festivities. I cannot tell you how much I missed having a place to buy local produce! The concept of farmer's market is lost on northern Delaware. (Oh, they have a weekend redneck mall named "Farmer's Market" where you can find everything from ammo to wigs, but the produce comes from another country. The only thing it had going for this place was the Amish family selling shoefly pie and fresh sausage. I digress... ) I'm not on the Organic Food Bandwagon either, I just prefer the local stuff. Mom and I had some cobbler and brought home fresh peaches, pluots, veggies, cider donuts, and big mama blackberries. (This year at the cabin I couldn't find enough to make a cobbler, so these make up for it).