Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New downloads

Herringbone links

This is a great technique to dress up plain-ish beads. The tutorial also includes detailed instructions on making wrapped loops.


A jointed bangle featuring floating beads, dangles, coiled wire, and a squiggle hook clasp.
Love those raku beads.

Heart links

Work on your open spirals with this not-too-cutesy heart link. Two lightweight and comfortable bracelets and coordinating earrings. I'm not really into hearts, but I like these because of the spirals.

Oh, and I guess the Swarovski Puffy Heart pattern is an okay heart because of all the sparkles. I saw those pendants for sale in Old Town Alexandria over the weekend for $92. Sheesh.

Coming up... a square/diamond pattern similar to the Puffy Heart Pendant. As if you needed a way to use those beautiful crystals!