Monday, September 17, 2007


Historically I have not been a very big leisure reader, perhaps because I never had time to read while in school and thought of it as time-consuming. Sometimes I bring a book to read when I knew I'd have down time, especially on trips, so I kicked off this summer in Barbados with a stack of chick-lit from the library and surprised myself by finishing all of them. I continued to read books by authors I liked through the summer, mainly Marian Keyes and Jennifer Weiner. They're the kind of books that make me laugh, and aren't deep enough to demand constant attention. I also agreed to be part of a mini book club with two friends from high school and one of our assignments this month is Beautiful Lies.

All I knew going into it was that it was a novel. (I hate watching the trailer or even the soundtrack blurb right before I watch a movie, and likewise I don't like to read the book jacket until after I read the book because I like to be surprised.) Turns out it was a very exciting book and tough to put down. I picked it up after the Bills game and didn't put it down until I had missed the entire red carpet festivities for the Emmys (which I love). Apparently this book was like an addictive substance for me; when life demanded that I stop reading, I constantly thought about the plot details and was concerned for the characters. I purposefully didn't start reading at night for fear that I would be up into the wee hours, and when finished I was left craving more. Gotta check out the sequel (and add mystery/thriller to my fave genres).