Sunday, October 14, 2007

New York

Steve and I just got back from visiting with his parents in the Rochester area. Now that we live in Virginia, we get to drive up through the gorgeous Finger Lakes region. The leaves were beginning to turn and we stopped in Naples to get concord grape pies and in Canandaigua to get coffee and window shop.

Usually we visit at the holidays and there is a full house, but the youngest of the seven kids is now a freshman in college and so it was a little strange to visit the empty nest. It was great to have Steve's folks all to ourselves, though. We picked grapes and apples on their property and did a little shopping and relaxing. I'm glad we had the time to go for a visit at such a pretty time of year.

Another highlight of my weekend was having dinner with Kerry Bogert on Friday night. She lives about 6 miles from my in-laws and we've talked over email before, but meeting her was really fun. She seemed exactly the same in person as she comes across on her blog, which I love. I first heard of her through articles in bead magazines, but the first time I got to see her jewelry in person was at Joolz in Canandaigua (Hey, Francie!) earlier that day. I love that Kerry has a recognizable style and I'm excited to see whatever comes next, but above all I think she is a model of artistic integrity and I have a lot of respect for her.