Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A first for me

Since I moved I had to find a new dentist, so I figured I'd go back to the one I had growing up. I learned that Dr. Tolley had suffered a stroke a couple years ago and his son has taken over the practice. So I met "Dr. Ben" today after getting my teeth scraped (lovely) and my first thought was to tell Steve (who had his teeth cleaned there recently), "You're right, he does look 12." This is the first time I've seen a medical professional who is younger than I am. Granted, I have friends whom I graduated with who went on to dental or medical school, and I know full well that they are out there practicing their medical arts already. They just never practiced on me.

I'm also at the age where most professional athletes are younger than I am. Makes me wonder what they do with themselves the rest of their lives after their sporting careers are over. Hopefully they have families and do the normal American thing, but don't you think after the NFL that playgroup is kind of a downer for them?

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