Sunday, February 17, 2008


I just finished up my long-awaited PMC certification, which was from 9-5 for three days straight. That's not to say we actually stopped at 5, though. When I'd leave for the day (at 6 or 7) my brain would be spinning with ideas, applications, technical details, and questions to ask the following day. We were all given the same assignments, each geared toward a different aspect of the product (paper clay weaving, setting stones, gold overlay, hand-polishing to a mirror shine, etc). The back side of the leaf lentil can be seen on my YOJ Week 7 post.

Tim McCreight is a sweet man, not arrogant at all (although he has every reason to be), a little crunchy, a little edgy, and very helpful. He was pretty talkative, but with good information that will help me especially with the technical part of PMC (understanding the molecular structure and when to use certain firing times and benefits and drawbacks of the various forms of the product). He doesn't eat beef, he makes new wedding bands for himself and his wife each year, and yes they have indoor plumbing in Maine.

I got way more than information out of this course, though. My classmates were 14 amazing and talented women whom I loved to listen to while we worked. Tiffany and Teresa, it was especially a pleasure getting to know you. You've not seen the last of me!

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