Monday, March 24, 2008

Holly Lane Studio

Yes, I took a break for Easter. Thanks for understanding!

Last week I went to visit my PMC friend Tiffany Scott in Purcellville, VA. She has a teaching studio in her house and I seriously thought about moving in. So beautiful, so well-organized. She apologized for it being so "messy" and I told her she was not allowed to come to my studio. Tiffany showed me how to transform a drawing into a stamp. Brilliant!

Texture is something that is so fascinating to PMC (or even polymer clay) artists. It often becomes an obsession - finding objects around the house that have a unique pattern, looking at commercially available texture sheets, making molds of everyday things. I recently purchased a pack of sage leaves, took molds of them, and threw them away. (Is it possible to have cooking/cleaning block? I have that). Another day I asked the waitress at a restaurant if I could purchase a spoon because of the texture on the handle. It's a sickness.
Tiffany also introduced me to Lucketts, a tiny town near the Leesburg outlets known for its antiques. That's where she gets a lot of decorations and furniture. My brain was too full that day to shop, but I will return. With the big car.

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