Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wally Rant

When we lived in Delaware with 627,000 people in the city+county there were two Wal-Marts and neither was the super-sized variety. I could deal with that. If you wanted cheaper groceries you could drive to Elkton, MD (but then you paid sales tax).

In our city+county in Virginia we have about 100,000 people supporting two super Wal-Marts. We just found out we are getting another one about a mile from our house, about 7 miles up the road from yet another new super Wal-Mart (#3 in the area), just over the border in the next county. Them Arkansans (Walmartians?) love us Virginny folk. We's the right kinda customers!

If they built one across the street from me I still wouldn't go.

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