Friday, July 04, 2008

Golf outing

Yesterday Steve and I went to the AT&T National Golf Tournament in Bethesda for the second year. We had purchased tickets back before the Open, so it was disappointing that the host wasn't even there (but I understand why). We did get to see Rocco Mediate, who lost to Tiger only after battling with him for 91 holes in the Open. In general, Thursday isn't a very exciting day to see a golf tournament, but that also meant fewer crowds and sunny weather (compared to today at least). I wimped out on Steve, preferring to stay in one spot and see several groupings play a hole before moving to another location, but it was over 90 degrees and pregnancy has stolen my stamina. My favorite part of the day? Frozen lemonade being peddled for $5. Oh, and when we heard Jason Gore giving Jeff Overton a hard time, to which Overton said, "Anything you can do I can do better." I leaned over to Steve and said, "Watch that guy." Today Overton is topping the leaderboard with a 3-stroke lead, and Gore is in last place. Hee hee.

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