Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mendocino County

This morning we drove north from San Francisco on 101. The landscape looked like something out of a painting with lichen-encrusted trees and a smattering of wineries. After crossing over the range of hills separating the valley from the coast, we drove through a redwood forest which is surprisingly dark and chilly in the middle of the day. We stopped by to meet Tom Boylan's studio nestled in an idyllic setting near Mendocino. He graciously let us pester him with questions and I stocked up on his beads and an ornament. Then we headed up the coast to Fort Bragg's Glass Beach to look for sea glass. It used to be a bottle dump and, among the piles of common clear, green & brown glass, we found rare colors like red, pink, cobalt, and champagne. It was awesome to find glass that had been pummeled against the rocky coast; some pieces were smooth almost to the point of being spherical. The glass from the Delaware River is hardly ever that smooth, but the colors are better in my opinion. After lunch at the North Coast Brewing Company and coffee at Starbucks, we headed back down the coast.

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