Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So about that break I was looking forward to... I just spent the last 8 days in Barbados with my friend Cheryl and had a blast! It was a nice mix of relaxing, sightseeing, flipflop hiking, and eating well. Neither of us usually takes the time to read, but we both worked our way through a stack of chick lit. The photo to the left is the view from our room.

My favorite part was collecting sea glass along the western coast of the island. Even at low tide we really had to work for it - pieces of coral and shell look like pale glass in the crystal-clear water, not to mention that we had to be in the water to find it so we were constantly getting tossed and slapped by the waves. Lots of fun, though!

All in all I liked Barbados; it was a lot like Bermuda, but Barbados isn't as clean or easy to get around (public transportation is crowded, sketchy, and doesn't go everywhere). I did enjoy local Bajan-made stuff like Earthworks Pottery and Mt. Gay rum, but I'd like to try a different Carribbean island next time and bring Steve along, too!