Saturday, June 23, 2007

Powder Room

Near the kitchen is a half-bathroom that was painted terra-cotta when we moved in. I didn't mind that color, but I really wanted to paint something robin's egg blue and that was a nice, contained spot. The mirror is kind of ornate and looks great against the Tiffany-box blue, but was competing with the faucet on the pedestal sink (brass). Steve tackled the task of swapping the faucet for one of antiqued copper. I wanted to get an Audobon-style print of a robin or bluebird to carry the bird theme, so I got some Arthur Singer prints on eBay. Then my mother found a pair of my grandparents' framed bird prints in the basement and it turns out they are two from the same series Singer did in 1957, so I'll add them to my collection. (Mom also suggested the next grandparental throwback will be crazy-loud hummingbird & vine wallpaper from my grandmother's kitchen). All of the light fixtures in the house are brass, so I'm slowly swapping them out for more current designs like oil-rubbed bronze or rusted iron.