Saturday, August 04, 2007


Steve and I spent the evening in Ashburn getting a mirror for the living room, eating dinner at Old Dominion Brew Pub, and poking around our favorite haunt: Wegmans. We didn't bring a cooler, so our loot was limited to stuff like toffee chips, tikka masala sauce, heirloom tomatoes, mini scones, and Dogfish Head. I also wanted (but didn't buy) baby pattypan squash, crab cakes, huge raspberries, cremini mushrooms, tzatziki sauce, hummus, the olive bar, cheese dressed with nuts & dried fruit to look like dessert, olive bread, Irish biscuits, sparkling lemonade and so much more. On the way home we drove through historic Leesburg, which I had never seen before.

It is 10pm on a Saturday night, still 81 degrees outside, and we have just discovered that our air conditioner is broken. We may be sleeping in the basement.