Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wedding Invitation Pendant

When I get a really cool custom order, I like to share the story.  I was asked by a wedding guest to take the scrollwork from the invitation and make it into a pendant with the bride and groom's monogram and a bead drop to match the wedding color.

Some of the scrollwork ran off the page, so I had to do a little Photoshopping before I had an image I liked.  Originally the customer wanted me to stamp block letters into the pendant for the monogram, but because I'm working in Photoshop I can use whatever font I want.  Customer liked the chiseled monogram.

From that image I created a custom texture sheet to use with silver clay (PMC) to create the pendant.  How?  Special polymer, transparency film, UV light, and a toothbrush.  Got that?  Sounds like MacGyver?  Perhaps a tutorial is in order. 

I love coming up with the logistics to create a piece, but I have to give credit to my customer for coming up with such a beautiful and meaningful idea. 


susanc said...

That turned out just gorgeous! And yes, please do a tutorial. I'd love to learn how you did this.

Reid and Jason said...

OH- Anne! Mom was definitely right- this is stunning!!! Really!