Sunday, August 06, 2006


Before reading Passing the Flame, I didn't know how to encase a bead so that the inside layer doesn't leak out (called a "white heart"). Side note: I decided to celebrate my birthday in July instead of January this year, and Steve got me that book AND a memory foam mattress topper. Isn't he the best? The first picture shows two examples of really bad white hearts. The ivory and lime green cores, respectively, have leaked out over their clear encasement, more than what a bead cap will cover (these beads are each over 2cm in diameter). So, I made big honkin' bead caps out of PMC, leaving the edges irregular to give a more organic look. I see now that the green cap could have been bigger, but PMC shrinks when it is fired so it was kinda hard to judge how big to make them. I could have just stopped there, but then I tube-riveted the beads & caps together. This being my first time riveting, I am pretty pleased with the results and may sleep with these guys under my pillow.

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