Monday, August 07, 2006

Wirework necklace

Last week I was a guest artist at Rockford Park's Evening Arts Series, which is a music/art combo every Monday evening this summer. The musicians de semaine were Fe Band, which is 4 guys with music degrees playing drums, guitar, bass, and steel drum. Wow, were they great. I demonstrated wirework while they were playing in the middle of a park, which is the best plein air studio I've had yet. They can play for me anytime. I meant to bring my 18 gauge hard wire to make a bunch of my signature swirl clasps (I'm running low), but grabbed my 16 gauge soft wire instead. That's too big to use for my normal clasps, so I worked on coming up with with new (for me) shapes for links. The next day in my Wirework I class I made bead links out of a set of 4 lampwork beads that I had made, which made for a super-long bracelet. I've made what seems like a million wirework bracelets, alternating bead and metal links in heavy-gauge wire, but never made a necklace because I thought it would be cost-prohibitive with all the silver and lampwork. But then I saw my friend Claire's wirework necklace and later my friend Karen's wirework necklace. So, after making a cool but too-long bracelet, I added a few more coordinating beads to make my first wirework necklace. If it sells, it sells, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy it.

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