Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Borosilicate Bead Bust

Disclaimer: For those of you who were expecting me to post my pretties from class today, these aren't mine.
Today was the first day of Bead Fest, so I set my alarm (something I don't normally do) and drove 2 hours to Reading, PA. Either my directions were wrong or the signs didn't give me the whole story, but I got to my Borosilicate Bead Blast class 15 minutes late and way stressed out. I sat down in the back of the room and soon realized everyone else was just sitting around chatting. I asked the guy next to me what I missed, and he said the instructor hadn't shown up yet. Big relief! She was later than I was. But, when the Bead Fest staff finally heard back from her an hour later, it turns out she had her schedule wrong and was still in Kansas. Artists! Class was cancelled, so I went to a bead store I hadn't visited and then read bead books & magazines at Barnes & Noble while indulging in a Pumpkin Spice Latte. More on that later...

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