Monday, October 16, 2006

Curly girly

I have naturally curly hair. From the time I was in 6th grade until sometime in my mid-20s I usually wore it shoulder-length in a ponytail or half-up in a barrette. I like to run my hands through my hair when it's down, so if you have curly hair you'll know that's like style suicide. So, for the past few years I've blown my hair dry straight so I can pet it all I want. Also my curls are not that strong, so in dry air they tend to straighten out. This spring my friend Tammie (curly hair goddess) tipped me off to Aussie Sprunch Spray, and after I got used to the feeling of crunchy, my frizz much better. At least once a week I get a compliment on my new perm. Come on people, I know skinny jeans and leggings are back, but you don't really think I'd get a perm?!

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