Sunday, October 15, 2006


Steve was away on business all last week and I couldn't be bothered to make a decent meal for myself or turn on the heat amidst a cold snap. Riley would burrow under the covers and keep me warm at night, and I wore sweaters during the day. Steve, having been in the Windy City, got home last night and kindly asked for me to turn on the heat because it was only 64 degrees inside. It hit me how much I do rely on him to take care of me. Today I woke up warm and had 3 meals. Nice.

In other news, I went to 2 bead shows this weekend and taught 6 classes in two days. Think I'll take a break from the jewelry, but first I wanted to post a picture of my new box clasps made from antique buttons. They're pricey ($24 a pop!) but I've been obsessing over them ever since I passed them up at the last Intergalactic show and they make my dear frog clasp ($19) look like a bargain. I made the observation this morning that I have never once had a girls' spa weekend or anything of the sort, so this is how I indulge: jewelry parts and dark chocolate.

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