Monday, January 29, 2007

House hunting

Ahhh Monday at last! Steve and I were in Virginia looking at houses over the weekend. That in itself was tiring enough, but it followed airline traveling and a full day of teaching for me on Friday and I'm exhausted.

On Saturday we saw about a dozen houses, and yesterday we saw several more and revisited our top choices from the day before. We're looking for a totally different house from what we have now, so everything seems big and new. Our current home is 140 years old with bedrooms the size of the walk-in closets in these newer homes. But, they don't have all the trim and old hardwood that we love in our current home. The market in Virginia cooled off quickly last summer, so there's still a lot of inventory and I think we'll be able to make a choice soon.

The thing that irritated me the most about several of the houses we looked at over the weekend was how dirty they are (especially having just spent weeks cleaning and repainting ours in preparation for selling). The owners had moved to their new houses but couldn't be bothered to clean the stove or put a fresh coat of paint on the scuffed walls before they left. And here they are A YEAR LATER and they're still paying two mortgages and blaming the slow market for their situation. Maybe I should be a professional stager who works for realtors. I would definitely outsource wallpaper removal, though.