Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New friend

Riley stayed at Camp Kenn when we were in Kentucky. Kenn told me she has never touched his stuffed pig before, but he came home one day to find this. I have seen pig's ears sold as a chewable treat for dogs, but never the fluffy pink variety. Kenn did the only thing he could do with his one-eared pig -- gave him to Riley just in time for the Year of the Pig. I could make a really bad pun about the Chinese New Ear, but I won't.

Ever since then Mr. Pig has been Riley's new buddy. I think they have a love-hate relationship because one moment she'll be licking him clean and the next minute she'll be holding him in her mouth, shaking her head and growling. Later I'll find her snuggled up with him. Kenn added "pig" to her vocabulary before we even got home, so now if you tell her to go get her pig she'll walk right past other toys and bring back her new pal. Smart girl.