Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bradenton Beach

We've had great weather, so much of our time has been doing beach stuff like sitting on the sand or by the pool, eating ice cream, and poking around gift shops. It took us a while to get into vacation mode after a busy week. We'll be sitting and reading and I'd interrupt the sound of waves and seagulls with, "Maybe we could put the green dresser in the foyer" or "Remind me to call the cable company to get our service transferred." And then I'd go back to my magazine and just enjoy relaxing.

Eating grouper at the restaurant on the fishing pier and liking it (never mind that it was smothered in hollandaise and crabmeat)

The second-floor heated pool right outside our room ( hooked us up - the resort was amazing)

Riding the free trolley up and down the island

All-you-can-eat pancakes & sausage

Mr. Bones BBQ (are you sensing a food theme?)

Watching sunsets on the Gulf

Bathing suits during the day, jeans and a fleece in the evening

More seafood on a different pier (Thanks for the tip, Brenda!)

Turtle sundae with coffee ice cream

Playing mini golf on I-Drive (I hit it in the water more than once)

Subs from Publix

More Tijuana Flats before we flew home

De-stressing together (priceless)