Friday, February 23, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Steve had a conference this week in Orlando, so yesterday I flew down to join him. After delays at the airport on both ends, I was able to meet my friend Sarah for dinner at Tijuana Flats - one of my favorite people and one of my favorite sources of Mexican food. We met in college and get together whenever we can; she's one of my friends who a) we can pick up where we left off and don't have to stay in constant contact, and b) didn't lose her personality or interests after she had a baby. Great example to follow!

Since I got here at night, it seemed chilly, nothing like summer. The weather channel said today was supposed to be in the high 70s and I didn't believe them or remember what that felt like. I went and got breakfast at Downtown Disney in jeans and a t-shirt and had to change by 10am.

For the weekend we're heading to Bradenton Beach, but first I am sitting by the pool until Steve gets finished with his conference. Working on a scarf for my pal Cheryl, but it does seem weird to be knitting here. I also have a stack of magazines to look through before moving. Even if I'm not decorating a house, I love tearing out ideas of stuff to do in the future. As a result of the organizer coming in December, I am working on getting all these tear sheets into accordion files. But I'm on vacation, so I'm not worrying about that right now...