Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moving update

I get asked every day if we've started packing. Our friends Matt and Ashley gave us the boxes from their recent move, so we're starting to pack away the non-essentials. I pulled a muscle in my back last week trying to get ice off our steps, so that hasn't helped. But, the movers will pack whatever we don't, so I'm not that worried about the whole thing.

Normally this close to a move I have the rooms all planned out with graph paper and little cut-out furniture (this is fun for me), but this time I don't have a clue what to use the different rooms for. We've never had this many options; before there was one possible place for the TV and a couple corners here and there to squeeze in our desks.

In the last few weeks I've gotten pretty emotional about leaving my friends here, so I'm trying not to think about it. We'll be 3 hours away, so not too far.

Class update: My evening and weekend slots are full, so what I have left is weekdays through the first of March. I am also planning to put together kits for certain classes (I know, I know - still haven't done it).