Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kill the fatted calf

I had just opened a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips to pout about my missing jewelry orders when I thought of one more place they could be, and there they were. I now remember packing them in the outside pocket of my suitcase so they'd be safe and accessible. Too safe, I guess.

Today I received an unexpected package in the mail. Two of my jewelry students from Sparkles sent a sampler of chololate bark from Lumu Candy and I got all choked up right there in the driveway. Totally made my day. Thanks, Bernie and Susan!
We're still unpacking boxes, but we're almost finished. Some stuff I want to leave packed until after I've done some painting (like the china so I don't have to move the cabinet when it's full, stuff like that). The cable guys were here this morning so we can see our beloved primetime shows again. I've been watching some of them online, but it's not the same as being curled up on the sofa with Steve and Riley. We're also taking bids from water treatment companies because apparently our water has more chlorine in it than swimming pools require.

Rita's had free water ice today, so I met my mom there to celebrate the first day of spring. Last night my friend Cheryl booked us a trip to Barbados (woo hoo!), so I got coconut creme to celebrate that, too. She lives in Delaware and I miss her a lot, so I hope having a trip to look forward to will help the withdrawal.