Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New fence

Spring is on its way! Our cherry tree is ready to burst out in blossoms.

Yesterday we had an Invisible Fence installed, which means we'll be training Riley to respect it for a few weeks. She's agressive towards squirrels and cats, but the rest of the time she's a ninny, so we're hoping the latter will prevail. Right now there are rubber tips on her collar's shock prongs so we're training her on the leash to recognize the warning beep when she gets close to the boundary.

I decided to try the invisible fence because it will make mowing a lot easier, won't cut this shared flower bed in half, and ultimately was so much less expensive than a wood fence that we've been shopping for a new TV with the savings. Notice that the grass in this picture is mostly the neighbor's yard, and along the right side of the picture (behind the tree) it turns brown. That's our side of the line and a shady area, so we've got some lawn work to do! My mom came over to tell me what I should prune and weed, which was really helpful. I asked her to come sip iced tea and wave her hand (i.e. not do any work), but she couldn't resist digging in the dirt with me.