Sunday, June 03, 2007


On Friday Steve and I took an early weekend and went kayaking with our friends Dave (pictured) and Carl in southern Delaware. The trip was Dogfish Head Brewery's Pints and Paddles, so we basically paddled for a while on the Broadkill River and then took a tour of the brewery in Milton and sampled some of their products. My favorite was Festina Peche, which is indeed fermented with peaches. After the tour we headed up to Wilmington for dinner at Iron Hill, which I personally like more for its food than its drinks. Our trips are often centered around our favorite restaurants, so during this trip we also hit Cheeseburger in Paradise, the Newport Restaurant, Jake's Hamburgers, and Panera Bread (nope, Winchester doesn't have one!).

Yesterday Steve and Cheryl and I got in touch with our inner redneck and went to our first Nascar race at Dover Speedway. Not knowing anything about Nascar, I got the Saturday tickets because they were cheaper and the race was shorter (I wasn't sure how many Monster Miles I could take). But last week I read Nascar for Dummies and learned that the big race (the one with drivers we'd heard of) is the Nextel Cup, held on Sundays. But we still had a good time, the cars were loud, there were plenty of crashes (that's really why people go to these things), the winner did his celebretory backflip, and the people-watching was plenty of entertainment itself. And it turns out the Sunday race was postponed because of rain.