Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kits & Classes

This week I've been working on my website. I've been making kits for students who want to learn on their own, and each time I am contacted I have to do the math to send them a quote. So, I made a whole page just for kits, including a few new ones like the Squiggle Bracelet pictured here. I did the math for everything so each kit has a price and an automated button for web ordering, plus a booster pack so you don't have to buy the reusable stuff the second time around.

I also met this week with two local bead stores about teaching classes. They are both excited and I've posted my July schedule already. I loved teaching at Sparkles in Delaware and I have had a break in order to miss it a little, but I'm not expecting it to be the same as before. (Sparkles will be tough to match!)

I've also started using larger thumbnail images on the site, which tends to make the gallery pages run off the edge of the screen, so I made three extra-long columns from four long ones. You can link to jewelry that has sold from the "Custom Jewelry" page.