Sunday, June 10, 2007

My weekend

This weekend I was hanging out with my friend Cheryl in Delaware again. Friday night we went to the Greek Festival in Wilmington - gyros, honey balls, suvlaki, Greek dancing, etc. Saturday we had breakfast at the Newport Restaurant, my favorite hole-in-the-wall home cookin' joint in Delaware. Then we visited my friend Bertie in Old New Castle and realized when coming into town that it was Separation Day and they were getting ready to have the parade. So we found parking and waded through the onlookers, not to be deterred from handmade bags and monogramming from Bertie's shop.

The main reason for my trip this weekend was Saturday's WXTU anniversary show at the Tweeter Center in Camden.

We didn't make it for the tailgate party at 10am or the gate-opening at noon, but we did manage to spend about 8 hours listening to live country music from Sarah Buxton, Dierks Bentley, Bucky Covington, Clint Black, and Gary Allan with our friends from Just Mugs (the dive bar where we go line dancing). We had lawn seats, which was kinda like being at Virginia Beach on Memorial Day without the ocean or sand. I've seen enough tattoos and sunburns to last me all summer!

If you haven't noticed, my weekends tend to be the only noteworthy times in my life. Maybe this week that will change...