Friday, November 02, 2007

Mission: Finish a Project

FYI, when I don't blog it means I'm busy. Blogging is usually a procrastination tactic, but when I have too much going on I don't usually take the time to tell you about it (sorry).

My brother and his family were in town until Wednesday, and Tom loves to make sawdust so he helped me work on the shelves for the master bathroom project. I'll post pictures when we actually finish something. It seems we are about halfway through everything, so the light fixtures are removed from the wall, the big mirror has been removed and medicine cabinets are ready to go up, paint has been purchased, shelves have been cut... Can you see how I never get anything done because I flit from project to project, even within a project?

So to redeem myself a little, here is a design I've been working on for a few weeks. Kerry Bogert graciously sent me some of her handmade glass discs to play around with riveting onto patterned sterling sheet. I asked for seconds in case I shattered them to smitherines in the riveting process, but I think they are awesome and so far I just chipped one. I even domed the metal so it wouldn't make clammy spots on my wrist like my watch does. I made a couple links here and there until finally yesterday I finished the final link, hooked them together, and added a clasp.

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