Monday, March 17, 2008


Last week Steve and I checked out Irish Isle in Middletown, Va. We went that night because Tuesday's live music du jour is Robbie Limon who not only sings John Denver songs but is also from a long line of jewelers. (I love JD. I remember how sad I was when I walked into a freshman chemistry class and found out he had died). Anyway, the food was great; I had sausage in a pastry crust. It makes me wonder if that's really what they eat in Ireland.

On Saturday we joined our friend Reid for Shamrock Fest at RFK Stadium. There were hundreds of people dressed in green metro-ing to the same venue, so we never had to stop and think about which way to go. The people-watching alone was worth the price of admission. We saw Carbon Leaf in concert and got some festival food, then went out for tapas in Arlington.

Steve's family is of Irish descent, and after seeing this Irish Blessing the emerald isle is definitely on our list of places to go. After all, Guiness is good for you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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