Tuesday, December 05, 2006

John Denver

I kinda grew up liking John Denver because my parents had his greatest hits on tape and it was appropriate for the long car trips to our cabin in the mountains. (The alternative was stuff like Hooked on Strauss or the tape that came with our Volvo with songs like Up, Up, & Away). We sang Take Me Home, Country Roads with the twangiest accent we could muster in my 4th grade chorus. And I remember walking into a chemistry class in college to hear someone say John Denver had died in a plane crash. Steve and I drove by that spot in Monterey Bay on our trip to San Fran in February.

I was awakened this morning to his sweet voice singing on our clock radio about cowboys driving cattle on Christmas. I never knew he had multiple Christmas albums in addition to the one with the Muppets. Too bad I just placed my Amazon order yesterday.

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