Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Card Game

A lot of people take time during the Thanksgiving break to send out their Christmas cards, so I thought it would be fun to make a game out of it. Even more fun than seeing your cousin's kids a year older in their matching LL Bean sweaters.
  • Card is from your insurance company, investment firm, or hairdresser (1 point)
  • Card/newsletter has digital/copied signature with no handwritten note (-2 points)
  • Card is from a friend you haven't heard from in years (5 points)
  • Card was addressed to your previous residence and forwarded by the USPS (-1 point)
  • Card was postmarked before December 1, indicating overachievers. (-2 points)
  • Envelope is lined with gold or silver foil paper (2 points)
  • Card is the same one you received from this sender last year (-1 point)
  • Newsletter is included (2 points)
  • Newsletter contains only tales of exciting vacations and child geniuses (-3 points)
  • Family photos are included (2 points for each)
  • All members of the family appear to have signed their own names (2 points)
  • Handwritten note is included (2 points) and is longer than one sentence (5 points)
  • All family members are dressed in wrinkle-free clothing, looking at the camera, and smiling (indicating perfect family or help from Photoshop) (-2 points)
  • Family members are wearing matching sweaters or coordinating clothing such as white shirts & khakis (-2 points)
  • Family pet is wearing a costume or accessories such as antlers or Santa hat (-2 points)

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