Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sonoma debut

Just talking about the copper and turquoise had me itching to make some.  So after the kiddos were in bed last night I had a go.  I have several designs swimming around in my head, and I actually have some paper sketches I made in a frenzy after I *dreamed* about this.  (My dreams tend to vaporize the moment my feet hit the floor.)  Dreaming about jewelry is more of a sickness, really. It doesn't go away at night like so many people's jobs. 

Enough talk, here are some pictures.

Copper, bronze, turquoise nuggets

Torch-enameled flower buds, copper plate

Raku ceramic, boro lampwork, copper


Sharyl said...

Love each and every pair of these, Anne! I couldn't even dare to pick a favorite this time! :-)

Lori Anderson said...

These are all so pretty!