Monday, July 02, 2012

More Sonoma

The next pieces in the Sonoma series...

Etched copper caps

Raku glazed ceramic

The last pair is my favorite so far, inspired by what Kristi Bowman did with her copper components.  The copper components have oak leaves and acorns, and sterling silver rivets attach it to the turquoise wheels. 

It took me as long to photograph, post, and describe those earrings as it did to actually make them.  This is why I am so grateful to outsource my selling.  That being said, I'm building up my inventory for a fall grouping at the shop, which means these will be sitting in my studio until then.  If you're dying to have something, let me know.  Earrings are around $28-36 to give you an idea.

A word about Sonoma...  My mom asked if I knew Sonoma isn't in Arizona and I got all defensive but then realized maybe it needs an explanation so others can see what's in my head. Although featuring copper and turquoise, I don't intend for this line to look "southwestern."  The turquoise isn't the bright, clear stuff from Sleeping Beauty mine that is commonly found in inlaid Native American jewelry.  There will be no silver feathers, squash blossoms, or scalloped bezels.  I wanted it to have more of a "western" feel... My inspiration includes horses...

These guys were the backdrop of our Girlfriend Getaway in June

... their leather tack and silver stirrups, and also wine country (hence the name): a little bit rustic and rugged. 
Hillsborough Winery in the rain

Here's a question for the lurkers: Would you wear copper earwires?  For example the raku glazed ceramic earrings above have only copper so I think it might look odd to put sterling hooks on, but I think some people are unable/afraid to wear anything but gold or sterling (which is silver+copper).

Stay cool out there and THINK FALL!

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